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Quality Control

Quality control and management is paramount to Clayton Precision

At Clayton Precision we are approved to manufacture precision components for aerospace, medical, oil and gas, underwater and motor sport industries.

Together at Clayton all staff share the same company values and are committed to the objectives and targets as stated in our Quality Policy. The Quality Policy is reviewed annually as part of the management review process.

Clayton endeavours to meet and exceed our customer requirements and standards throughout the manufacturing process in order to achieve customer satisfaction.

In addition to our Quality Policy we set Continues Improvement Goals which are reviewed against our performance figures. The systems we have put in place whereby product conformity and on-time delivery can be monitored and measured.

Management at Clayton are involved in every working process, their review process sets the quality objectives, which are measured and monitored by internal and external audits.  

Our Sectors include:-

Aerospace • Nuclear • Scientific • Medical • Motor